Topsy Turvy Wrapping Paper by Kobie Nieuwoudt

Topsy Turvy Wrapping Paper by Kobie Nieuwoudt

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Size: 510 x 710mm
70gsm Bond Paper

This wrapping paper was designed by Kobie Nieuwoudt
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"As the lockdown anniversary came and went, I found myself feeling strangely nostalgic. Watching the 2021 autumn shadows falling across my floor, I looked back upon a year that has been visually deprived for many of us. Where once we would experience the bustle (and stress) of our daily commute and the stimulation of in-person conversations, we now find ourselves repeatedly staring out of the same window, at the same street, alley, or row of trees.

It makes me ponder the work of master French Impressionist painter, Claude Monet. Monet often painted his subject matter repeatedly, coming back to a scene to observe the changing light and weather conditions. In the last decades of Monet's life, his water garden became a central subject in his work. He explored it obsessively, painting it 250 times. He recognized that light and color are connected, yet the palettes of summer vs. winter, morning vs. evening, sunny vs. overcast, are ever-changing. A person could experience the same landscape a thousand different ways.
Now, I'm not suggesting you paint your cat 200 times in the hope of having an epiphany. I do, however, think we can learn something from Monet's curiosity, discipline, and his consistency. Whether it's learning a new skill, exploring a different perspective, or gaining a newfound appreciation for the seemingly mundane – like watching shadows being cast across your floor. Even when we're stuck in the same spot, Monet's art suggests there is much to see."


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