Scratchy Sock - Pin by Angelique du Toit
Scratchy Sock - Pin by Angelique du Toit

Scratchy Sock - Pin by Angelique du Toit

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Pin by Angelique du Toit

Part of the Pin Club Exhibition for 2022

Materials: Handmade pins with air-dry clay
Pin Size : 35mm x 35mm
Packaging Size : 100mm x 70mm

'Hi! My name’s Angelique du Toit (Angie) and I’m an honours student at Open Window Institute where I’m specialising in illustration. I love birds, I love cows and I love all things fantasy and cottage-core inspired. I spend most of my days (when I'm not slaving away to get my degree) reading, illustrating (duh), watching shows like Futurama and dabbling in video games. My current favourite colour is green, I overthink everything I ever do (I think I rewrote this bio 5 or 6 times) and I don't like pasta (but I could eat my body weight in pizza or fries). Other fun facts include that I want to travel the United Kingdom with my best friend, purely to tour castles and see real swords (nerds), that I find almost anything cute (like the weird-shaped vehicles at airports) and that I have an overachieving little brother who's studying to be a chartered accountant (fancy fancy).

Anyway, I hope you like my handmade pins! They're each uniquely made by hand, dried, painted, touched-up, varnished and packaged for other people who have a love for magic too.'

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