Robert the Seal Wrapping Paper by Paper Snap

Robert the Seal Wrapping Paper by Paper Snap

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Size: 510 x 710mm
70gsm Bond Paper

This wrapping paper was designed by Paper Snap
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"Robert the Seal, was a seal skeleton we met while on holiday by the Western Cape coast. 

During a long beach walk (which consisted of more rocks than sand), we came upon various washed out items; sneakers, plakkies (flip flops), cold drink cans still filled with soda from the Middle East, pillows, toothbrushes, toothpaste, life saving water pouches and even more! For our wrapping paper we decided it would be  good idea to illustrate this adventure and also the plight of animals like Rob, who suffer greatly from humans polluting their home. After our walk a friend asked if we could go back and pick up Rob the Seal’s skeleton pieces for his collection, Rob now lives in Joburg."


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