Lichen Wrapping Paper by Lunetta Bartz

Lichen Wrapping Paper by Lunetta Bartz

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Size: 600 x 420mm
70gsm Bond Paper

This wrapping paper was designed by Lunetta Bartz
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"In August 2019 bookbinder Lunetta Bartz had a wonderful opportunity to attend a traditional paper-marbling workshop in Sussex, England. Here she wanted to further her understanding of this age-old tradition of hand painting unique sheets of paper on a bath of water. It is believed this method was originally developed by the Turkish to create decorative papers, hence the start of most designs are referred to as the Turkish Spot. Because of the process involved, no two designs are ever the same. MAKER has employed this technique to produce a small range of cover papers used in its bindery to create everyday stationary items such as cards, notebooks and journals.  Wrapping paper seemed like the obvious next step."


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