Fizzer - Pin by Me and Norman

Fizzer - Pin by Me and Norman

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Pin by Me and Norman 

Part of the Pin Club Exhibition for 2022

Materials: Air-dry clay, gouache and sealed with varnish
Pin Size : 85mm x 30mm 
Packaging Size : 95mm x 125mm 
As these pins are handmade each looks slightly different.

'Me and Norman is the collaborative efforts of Me, Steph Simpson and my imaginary friend, Norman Nanimal. Norman sits at my side and helps me make creative decisions - I’m the sensible one and he’s responsible for the chaos and a little silliness. With Norman, I am fearless and able to stare a blank page straight in the eye and conquer it! I am very focused on the process and place that I climb into when illustrating – a world that I am unable to leave once the image starts to take form, where I am not so easily distracted like usual. Illustration is about storytelling, and making images is a kind of game I play to amuse myself.

Above all else, I see myself as a storyteller and this extends into many spheres of my life. I lecture Illustration at a creative college in Cape Town and really enjoy working with Gen Z.'

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