Skull - Pin by Imile Wepener

Skull - Pin by Imile Wepener

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Pin by Imile Wepener

Part of the Pin Club Exhibition 2022

Materials: Wood & masonite carved pins
Pin Size: 50mm x 40mm
Packaging Size: 110mm x 80mm 
Limited edition of 1

'Hi! My name is Imile, I'm an illustrator and artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I completed my honours in Illustration in 2015 from The Open Window Institute in Pretoria. I have two prominent ways of creating artworks: painting with gouache, and working digitally with vector shapes and outlines. I enjoy using the same color scheme in all my works, and it has become a prominent feature of my work. My inspiration comes mostly from stories and song lyrics that tend to be a strange/abstract idea created with words that I would like to see visualized. They then become part of my expanding illustrated world of characters and creatures. Other than art, I enjoy making puppets; watching horror movies; eating pizza and wearing bright patterned shirts.'

Imile was one of the Brunch Poster Series illustrators in 2021, find his range of prints for the series in our print box. He also took part in the Wrapped exhibition at Brunch in 2021, where his ‘These Meddling Kids’ wrapping paper was a hit! 

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