Mood Swings - Pin by Amber Smith
Mood Swings - Pin by Amber Smith
Mood Swings - Pin by Amber Smith

Mood Swings - Pin by Amber Smith

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Pin by Amber Smith

Part of the Pin Club Exhibition for 2022

Materials: Sparkling silver nickel and enamel pins
Pin Size : 30mm x 25mm x 2.5mm
Packaging Size : 50mm x 75mm
Limited edition

'Amber Smith is a socially awkward 30-something person who likes cats more than people. She has participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions since 2013-ish. However, she’s been colouring in and out of the lines since before she can remember. Amber also happens to be an avid pin/badge collector, so more than anything, she’s created this pin for the sole purpose of adding it to her own hoard of knickknacks.

Mood Swings is a kidney bean of mixed emotions (which just happens to be how an undisclosed amount of people happen to feel on any given day of the week). This pin has an over simplified motif consisting of primary colours that express the changeable nature of human (and cat) moods. It also happens to look good attached to a sick denim jacket and it’s a great way to let strangers know that you, too, are a deep and emotional individual without having to use your words.'

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