Kooky Tiger - Pin by Amé Bell
Kooky Tiger - Pin by Amé Bell
Kooky Tiger - Pin by Amé Bell

Kooky Tiger - Pin by Amé Bell

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Pin by Amé Bell

Part of the Pin Club Exhibition for 2022

Materials: Handmade limited edition clay pins
Pin Size : 40mm x 40mm
Packaging Size : 110mm x 80mm
As these pins are handmade each looks slightly different.

'Amé Bell (b. 1988) is an artist, art historian and curator living in Johannesburg. Through Bell’s passion for drawing and the exposure to local and international print workshops and various interactions with artists in their studio’s, she has been inspired to produce her own work as an illustrator and printmaker.

Bell’s practice as a visual artist has been informed by her obsession with drawing, interactions and collaborations with artists and creatives, as well as exposure to various artistic practices and processes. Bell primary source of inspiration is drawn from traditional Japanese woodblock prints, sumi-e drawings and her love for cats.

Bell holds a Masters Degree in Art History from the North West University in Potchefstroom and is currently pursuing a PhD in Art History at the University of the Witwatersrand. At present Bell is the gallery director at David Krut Projects and was appointed as the curator for the South African Pavilion at La Biennale Arte in Venice in 2022. She has further co-founded the Chopped Liver Appreciation Society alongside Elize de Beer, which is a platform dedicated to promoting creatives in their various forms and is a member of the South African print collective The Printing Girls.'

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