Fiscal Flycatcher - A3 digital file by Fiona Pole

Fiscal Flycatcher - A3 digital file by Fiona Pole

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Fiscal Flycatcher

Print by Fiona Pole

High quality print-ready file
Size: 297 × 420mm
Limited edition of 20

We will mail you the high quality print file for you to print your A3 illustration at your local print shop. Perfect for international shoppers.

The fiscal flycatcher (Melaenornis silens) is a small passerine bird in the Old World flycatcher family. It is a resident breeder in Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique and Swaziland, and a vagrant to Namibia. This species is found in subtropical open woodland, dry savanna, shrubland and suburban gardens.

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Please allow 3 days for us to prepare your limited edition digital file.

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